16 Time Management Tips for Business Owners — Part 1

time management tips for business owners

Time is the key when starting a business. You’ll always feel like you are running out of time or the days are just passing by. You can tackle this with effective time management. The most successful business owners have overcome and reached heights with effective time management.

Below we mention time management tips to save those extra hours while completing your work and achieving your goals.

1. Time logging

2. Recognize your time-wasters

Calculate and determine the percentage of time spent on each activity. You’ll get clarity on how to cut off time-wasting tasks and put more emphasis on significant tasks. Your aim is to recognize the areas where you spend the most time.

3. Develop new strategies

Try one of these approaches:

The Pomodoro technique: This method was named after a tomato-shaped-timer used by the system’s founder. The key to this technique is to use micro-breaks to refresh and get back to work. This technique is a popular time management tactic that involves setting a timer for 25 minutes of work sprints accompanied by a 5 minute break. After four rounds, you can reward yourself with a longer break. This technique is used by people who find it difficult to focus on their work time or send up taking too much break time. With a shorter duration of work times and constant breaks, your work won’t exhaust you, and you can get back to work feeling refreshed.

Mind Mapping: As a business owner, you must have countless ideas clouding your head. With mind mapping, you can organize and put your concepts on paper in a visual form, which is based on the way you see your concept and your goal on how to execute the idea. With this method, your concepts are documented and organized in an easy-to-comprehend, pictorial overview of conceptual goals along with the steps needed to accomplish them.

4. Use the 80/20 rule

5. Learn to say no

People might contact you for advice, introductions to other entrepreneurs, and many other favors. Although it’s okay to build business relationships with others and help them, learn to say no when there isn’t time to help. Prioritize your work over helping others. This can be done politely and honestly without burning any bridges.

Not all opportunities will provide growth, and not all investors will be advantageous for you. Gauge your time and focus your time on the areas that offer promising benefits in the long run.

6. Recognize your distractions

7. Say no to multitasking.

8. Prioritize the most important things

These were the 8 best time management tips to become a successful business owner. In the second part of this article, we’ll discuss other 8 tips. So stay tuned.

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